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Josée Pelletier


Hello everyone!

My name is Josée and I am in year three of the SCBScN program. I have a passion for nursing, and I am excited about the opportunity to represent you this year. My job is to support and represent the members of URNSS and nursing students by representing URNSS at URSU PAC meetings, collaborating with other societies, and running meetings. My goal this year to get more nursing students involved with fun events and make our fantastic program a little less stressful with some awesome opportunities for great self-care. I cannot wait to meet all of you and if you see me on campus do not be afraid to come to say hello! If you have any questions or concerns I can be contacted by email:

Cole Woytiuk

Vice President of Student Affairs

Hello everyone, my name is Cole Woytiuk. I am your appointed VP of Student Affairs for URNSS 2019-2020, which is exciting for me and hopefully you as well! I am a third-year nursing student looking forward to work alongside with our community, the URNSS society, and our student body. My role is entailed within the constitution of URNSS; however, a synopsis of my role includes being involved with and overseeing all student related affairs and working with the VP of Academic relations to provide supplementary supports for the student body. If you are a nursing student in need of support and would like to request help from your faculty’s student society, please feel free to reach out to me via email. I wish everyone a successful and wholesome academic year, and hope to hear from you, our student body!

My school email:

Alexia Aikman

Vice President of Marketing


My name is Alexia and I am your Vice President of Marketing! I am in my first year of the SCBScN program. My role is to promote events through advertising/marketing for all nursing students and collaborating with different URNSS members to find the best way to reach you all. I am very excited to get to know all of you and capture all our events to come this year!

If you need to get a hold of me feel free to email me at

Bailee Krupski

Vice President of Social Events

Hello! My name is Bailee Krupski and I am a second year student. I am the VP of Social Events on URNSS this year. I am very excited to once again be focusing my work on URNSS towards a very important part of university for us busy nursing students - social events! I am thankful to have many student life directors to collaborate with in the planning process this year. I believe it's so important for nursing students to take some time away from the books and enjoy yourself while connecting with other nursing students at the various events we host. Many of our events are focused towards nursing, health and community service. Please send any suggestions, comments, or concerns to me at I can't wait to say hi to you at our next event!

Jessica Wong

Vice President of Communications

Hi, my name is Jessica Wong and I am in my second year of nursing in the SCBScN program. I am very excited that I get to be part of URNSS as the VP of Communications! Communication is key when you want to get information out to the public, and that is what I do. URNSS currently has this website along with a Facebook page, an Instagram account, Snapchat and an email to keep everyone updated. Upcoming events and activities will be posted on our social media so be sure to follow us!

Bernadette Couture

Executive Secretary


My name is Bernadette Couture and I am in my third year of the SCBScN program. This is my second year serving as Executive Secretary for URNSS and this year I am also serving as secretary for CCSU so basically, I take a lot of notes. I’m really excited for this year and I hope everyone has a fantastic year!

Trent Wyman

CNSA Associate Delegate

Hello, my name is Trent Wyman and I’m in my first year of nursing studies with the SCBScN program. I was raised in Regina, though I attended high school in the United States. Advocation and learning in hopes to benefit the student body is a true passion I hope to fulfill. I am excited to take on the role as the Associate Delegate for the Canadian Nursing Students Association Regina Chapter. 

Pelumi Johnson

Student Life Director

Hello, My name is Pelumi Johnson and I am a first year student. I grew up in Scarborough Ontario and have moved from Ontario to Manitoba to finally Saskatchewan for post secondary. I have never taken a role in a council before but I felt that it would be really opportunity for me once I got into nursing. I  am excited to see what I can contribute to URNSS this year and hope to meet and interact with many nursing students.

Anita Anyisia

Student Life Director

My name is Anita Anyisia. I am a first-year nursing student. I am a student life director of the URNSS. I am very excited to be part of this great community. I am so passionate about being a nurse. Joining this community is a great deal for me. I am learning new things every day and communicating with other nursing students like me is allowing me to have a basic knowledge of what to expect in my upcoming years. Looking forward to seeing you all attend our events and experience how great this community is. 

Emileigh McClenaghan

Student Life Director

Hi! My name is Emileigh McClenaghan and I am from Yorkton Saskatchewan. I am a first-year nursing student and excited to share my talents and ideas with URNSS! I am passionate about taking care of others, communicating, and the health of wellbeing of not only myself, but others to! I am excited to see what kinds of ideas we can come up with this year, and glad I can be apart of it! 

Halsey Naismith

Year 1 Representative & CNSA Associate Delegate

Hello everyone!

My name is Halsey Naismith and I am your First Year Representative and your Canadian Nursing Student Association Associate Delegate (CNSA AD). I am in my first year of nursing. My role as the First Year Representative is to advocate for and keep communication flowing between the first-year nursing students and the University of Regina Nursing Student Society. My role as the CNSA AD is to work collaboratively with other CNSA AD’s and the CNSA Official Delegate to encourage participation in activities and represent the Regina SCBScN Program at CNSA Conferences. I am excited to meet you all and help make this year the best one yet!

If you have any questions you are welcome to connect with me through email:

Umeyman Ibro

Year 2 Representative

Hello, My name is Umeyman Ibro and I am in my second year of the SCBScN program. This is my second year as a part of URNSS. I am very excited to be part of this team. My goal is to promote the views of second year students and encourage students to take parts in fun and effective activities and events that contribute to community welfare. It is great way to meet new people and make great connection.I am excited to meet you all and I will be happy to hear new ideas, concerns, and feedbacks regarding SCBScN program and URNSS!

Adrian Muscat

3rd Year Representative

My name is Adrian Muscat and I am the Third Year Representative. My role involves relaying feedback and suggestions from third year students back to URNSS. I also ensure that third year students are always aware of any upcoming events and activities organized by URNSS. My goal is to maintain good communication between URNSS and the student body, and to ensure that our third year students are heard and involved.

Helen Bourget

LPN Representative

My name is Helen Bourget and I am very pleased to act as the Licensed Practical Nurse Representative for the URNSS. I am excited to be part of the SCBScN program as an Upper Year Entry Student at the University of Regina and Saskatchewan Polytechnic. I have been working as an LPN for the last 15 years and I am in year 3 of the program. I received my education here in Regina and I am happy to continue my studies while at home.  I look forward to working with my fellow students to promote collaboration, professionalism, life-long learning and to strive for excellence within the nursing profession; together we will truly impact the lives of our patients both within Saskatchewan and abroad. I am here for any questions that you may have and good luck to each of you with your studies. 

Mark Matthies

ADNP Representative

My name is Mark and I am the ADNP representative, my job is to represent the ADNP students in any of their concerns they may have to the student society and to keep them aware of any events we are hosting. When I am not working on my nursing degree you can find me in the gym, walking my dogs, or taking a nap in the first spot I find. I was a Ukrainian dancer for 16 years which took me around the world and was able to experience other cultures from traveling. I also have a previous degree in Human kinetics from the U of R that comes in handy during my nursing degree studies and with patient care.

Wyatt Munson

Accomodations Representative

Hello, my name is Wyatt Munson. I am a fourth year student. I am filling the position of Accommodations Representative. I personally use accommodations at both The University of Regina and Saskatchewan Polytechnic for my learning disability. This will be my fourth year of university. Over the years, I have become very familiar with the accommodations process at both campuses, the government, the paper work, and the professors. My purpose in this new position is to shape the role of the Accommodations Rep and to allow myself and URNSS to help all students with their accommodation needs. I believe in advocating for all students to have the same chances to learn. If there are any problems with your accommodations, if you are unsure you qualify, or if you do not think your accommodations were followed, please contact me. My email is or you can text me at 306-896-7648. I am here to help.

Joan Ighoshemu

EAL Representative


My name is Joan Ighoshemu. I am in my fourth year and final semester of the SCBScN program, and my first year with the URNSS. As the English as an Additional Language (EAL) representative, I serve as a liaison between the EAL students/ international student and the URNSS. I have some activities planned this year that will be fun and also connect students with great resources to succeed in this program. I am hoping to make the EAL/International students have a great time, a mentor and an advocate, I love being an advocate and this role enables me to be an advocate for the EAL students. I also have a job to represent the URNSS at the evaluation committee meetings.

I am super excited to be part of this collaborative team that brings students together to make the nursing school experience to be the best! I am always up for suggestions on how to improve current events the EAL/International students would like to see in the future. Please feel free to contact me at

Shay McNabb

Indigenous Representative


My name is Shay McNabb and I am your Indigenous Representative I am a fourth-year Indigenous nursing student. I also sit on a CNSA Indigenous Health Advocacy Committee. I am from the George Gordon First Nation, born and raised in Regina Sk. I have been on the Nursing Undergraduate Research Internship Program in the summer of 2017. I also represented the First Nations University of Regina Pow-Wow Princess in 2014-2015. I have danced fancy shawl my entire life. I graduated from Miller High School with the Indigenous Student Achievement award in 2014. I hold my Indigenous beliefs and traditions close to my heart. 


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me @


Many thanks, Hiy hiy and kinanâskomitin.

Mildred Lerat

Lounge Representative

Hello everyone!

My name is Mildred Lerat. I am a first-year nursing student SCBScN program and the new student Lounge rep. My role is to ensure the environment at our lounges is orderly. I will also be collecting feedback from the URNSS council and the student body. I am so excited to be part of the SCBScN community and more so the URNSS. Let’s see what is in store for us this year!

University of Regina Nursing Students Society 2019-2020

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